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American woman charged $1,000 for sandwich

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Last month, Letitia Bishop ordered three sandwiches at a Subway inside a Thorntons gas station, only to later discover her debit card had been charged an exorbitant $1,021.5 for the order, the New York Post reported on Feb. 26

Shockingly, $1,010 of the total was attributed to a single sandwich, a stark contrast to the typical price range of $6.5-12 for a footlong sandwich at the popular chain.

Upon realizing the substantial charge, Bishop returned to the store to address the issue with the staff, who directed her to contact Subway’s corporate office.

Bishop found that there was no available phone number leading to a live person, complicating her efforts to seek a refund. Despite multiple attempts to contact the corporate office, her endeavors proved fruitless.

Adding to her predicament, when Bishop returned to the Subway store, she discovered that it had been “temporarily closed.” This closure left her without a physical location at which to resolve the matter.

The financial ramifications of the erroneous charge were severe for Bishop, reaching a point where she could not even afford groceries due to her account being in the negative.

In a positive turn of events, Bishop told Business Insider on Monday that she had finally received a cash refund from a regional manager at Thorntons.

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