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Cunard Unveils Queen Anne’s Next-Level Luxury Onboard Retail Experience

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Laurie baratti

by Laurie Baratti
Last updated: 4:05 PM ET, Thu February 29, 2024

Get ready for a
new level of luxury shopping at sea, as Cunard’s Queen
prepares to set sail with an array of exclusive retail brands and a
captivating Cabinet of Curiosities gallery on board.


Cunard, world-renowned
for its opulent cruise experiences, has just unveiled a sneak peek into the
elevated retail experiences that await travelers aboard the line’s newest ship,
the Queen Anne, which is set to launch in less than three months.

Among the 115
prestigious brands on board, guests can expect to find such household names as luxury
watchmakers Bremont and French fashion house Chanel. Of these illustrious brands,
27 also mark first-time partnerships for Cunard, including Hugo Boss, Raishma,
and 886 Royal Mint. Notably, Garrard, the U.K.’s first official crown jeweler,
will debut its very first boutique aboard a Cunard ship.

Queen Anne’s innovative
retail spaces, crafted by design expert Sybille de Margerie, promise a seamless
and immersive shopping journey. Meandering pathways and fluid connections will
lead shoppers through a variety of retail categories, encouraging exploration
and discovery.

Cunard became a member
of Walpole member, the official body representing the U.K.’s luxury goods
sector, in 2019. In doing so, it joined 270 elite British brands, some of which
will be represented on board Queen Anne, heralding a whole new level of retail therapy
at sea.

A Retail
Paradise at Sea

Corridors will be lined
with high-end boutiques housing enviable jewelry, clothing, accessories and
gifts amid panoramic ocean views, and curated collections of pre-loved designer
accessories providing a sampling of sustainable indulgence. Queen Anne will
also be home to several feature spaces where these iconic brands’ products can
be brought to life in up-close experiences. 

The Grand Lobby
Boutiques area will house the first-ever Garrard fine jewelry boutique at sea,
alongside the innovative Queen Anne’s Cabinet of Curiosities and an Experience

The Cabinet of
Curiosities embodies a new and novel concept wherein the various luxury brands’
treasures celebrating the excitement of travel, can be laid out in a series of
display cases. This unique rotunda gallery will represent a 360-degree display
of collectibles available for purchase, alongside never-before-seen treasures from
Cunard’s own archives. 

The Experience
Lounge will be a space where food and drink are interwoven into the retail
experience, enabling the ship and its partner brands to elevate its activations
and events to new heights.

Artist's rendering of queen anne’s grand lobby boutiques space.

Artist’s rendering of Queen Anne’s Grand Lobby Boutiques space. (Photo Credit: Cunard)

An Enhanced Shopping

To ensure guests
enjoy a personalized and enriching shopping experience, Queen Anne will
introduce a dedicated Shopping Host—a unique feature in the Cunard fleet. This
expert personal shopping concierge will guide guests through the available
assortment, sharing brand stories and insider knowledge.

Additionally, a
personalization desk will exist to provide shoppers an opportunity to add
custom touches to their purchases through engraving and embossing services.

“Luxury ocean
travel is all about escapism and being immersed in a world full of unique and
enriching experiences,” said Katie McAlister, President of Cunard. “It’s a
philosophy we are passionate about bringing to life with our new ship Queen
Anne, which is why we are all so excited about her elevated retail offering.
Nowhere else will travelers be able to find such a beautifully curated
collection of luxury brands at sea or learn about heritage brands in such an
engaging way as with Queen Anne’s Cabinet of Curiosities.”

Queen Anne’s
maiden season will see her embark on voyages to enchanting destinations in the
Mediterranean, Scandinavia, the Canary Islands and the Norwegian Fjords,
totaling over 60 unique destinations in 16 countries.

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