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House Votes to Extend Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization

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Rich thomaselli

by Rich Thomaselli
Last updated: 11:55 AM ET, Sat March 2, 2024

For the third time since late September of last year, the House of Representatives has voted to extend the plan for the Federal Aviation Administration’s reauthorization. 

It was an overwhelming vote, but the Senate still has to pass its own legislation and vote. 

The extension by the house was not a full reauthorization, but it does give the FAA authority to conduct business until early May as a possible government shutdown looms. 

The vote was 401-19 in favor of granting the extension.  

The FAA’s funding authority was scheduled to expire on March 8 but now the government agency can conduct business until May 10. 

Traditionally, the bill to reauthorize the FAA is usually for five years and it is difficult for the agency to operate under these smaller plans. The FAA’s last five-year authorization expired on Sept. 30, 2023. Without the extension, the FAA would no longer have the authority to collect revenues from the Airport and Airway Trust Fund. 

But the issues of an air traffic controller shortage and safety on runways, for instance, still leave the agency handcuffed. 

The House and the Senate have a disagreement regarding the language on pilot training that is holding up reauthorization of the entire bill. The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation introduced its five-year FAA reauthorization bill last month. It also agreed to add five extra slots for long-distance flights to Reagan Washington National Airport. 

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