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Jon Stewart Helps to Raise $25K for NYC Animal Shelter After Tearful Tribute to His Late Dog Dipper

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In a heartfelt moment on Monday’s The Daily Show episode,Jon Stewart moved viewers to tears as he shared the news of his beloved dog, Dipper’s, passing. The emotional tribute resonated with fans and spurred a remarkable outpouring of support for the animal shelter where Stewart first met his faithful companion.

Dipper, a Brindle pit bull, had been a cherished member of Stewart’s family for over a decade. The comedian recounted how he first encountered Dipper at Animal Haven, a no-kill animal shelter in New York City, where he instantly formed a bond with the three-legged pup. Stewart’s connection to Dipper ran deep, as the dog had been adopted on the spot during a visit to the shelter with his children, who were raising funds for the organization.

“And in a world of good boys, he was the best,” said Stewart as he fought back tears throughout the touching segment. “He used to come to The Daily Show every day. He was part of the OG Daily Show dog crew. Parker, Quali, Dipper, Riot, they were the OGs in the office. And Dipper would wait. And we’d come and tape and Dipper would wait for me to be done.”

Following Stewart’s tearful and heartfelt tribute to Dipper, viewers were inspired to take action. Tiffany Lacey, the executive director of Animal Haven, revealed to TMZ that the shelter has seen an incredible influx of donations, totaling almost $25,000 since Stewart mentioned them during his segment. The generous contributions have poured in from over 500 new donors eager to support the shelter’s mission of caring for rescue animals.

The funds raised will be instrumental in providing essential resources for Animal Haven, including general care for their animals, operational support, veterinary services, food, staff time and activities such as dog walks. 

Lacey expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response, emphasizing that the donations come at a critical time as the shelter is currently at full capacity, housing more than 100 rescue animals, including three dog moms who recently gave birth to a litter of 20 puppies.

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In addition to financial contributions, Stewart’s tribute has sparked interest in adoption, with several individuals expressing a desire to provide loving homes for shelter animals. Lacey conveyed her appreciation to Stewart, extending heartfelt sympathies and condolences during his time of grieving.

The impact of Stewart’s emotional tribute extends beyond monetary donations, with supporters also fulfilling Animal Haven’s needs by purchasing items from their Amazon Wishlist, including essential supplies like dog treats and blankets.

Stewart has since changed his avatar on X, which now pays tribute to Dipper.



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